Introduction Hello Everyone

Welcome to my Blog, which I hope will be an experience repeated as we go along. You will find pictures of world travels, literature, political articles and essays, travel suggestions, recommended writers to read or specific book titles that might be of interest, commentary on films, past and present as well as information regarding the work related services that can be offered. You will have an email address where you can reach me and ask questions or discuss any topic or point of view which hopefully will open to everyone and anyone interested.

I only ask the following: respect and manners to be applied regardless of agreement or disagreement on anything presented by anyone at any time. All political opinions are welcome but be advised that the Blog and its owner’s opinions are independent of anything or anyone and is unaffiliated with any organization. All materials are original and created by me.

So, let’s get started and I hope you find the information, material and interaction fun and educational.


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